The old adage that an image is worth 1000 words may be true but sometimes 1000 is not enough. 

Some image galleries have back stories that explain where, when, how and why they were created that you may find interesting.

These links will take you to those story pages:   


The Swans Of Eagle

In my early searches for wildlife habitat near my new home in Idaho, I saw two man-made lakes near the Boise River. I regularly patrolled this area because of the large Osprey population. Both lakes usually had waterfowl populations as well as herons, cormorants and a variety of raptors. The lakes and land were posted so I could only observe the wildlife over the fence. Then one day the property owner made the mistake of leaving a gate open. So I drove in. Because I am allergic to buckshot I decided to try diplomacy and knocked on the front door. Follow this link to learn what happened then!! 








Winter In Yellowstone 

I had never given much thought to looking for Idaho wildlife during the Winter months. Then a photographer I met at our local camera club meetings asked if I had ever tried snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park. Wait; What?? You can rent snowmobiles to use in the park? YEP! I have got to try that. It was a blast. Read the story of that trip and follow the links to several different photo galleries of Yellowstone images.