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Created 14-Apr-17
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Panoramas depend heavily on Photoshop (or other similar photo editing software) for their very existence. Panoramas present a single image that presnts a scene that is much to large to be captured in a single capture. Creating a Panorama requires meticulously capturing a series of images of a scene and then stitching them together to look as seamless as possible. The Panoramas presented in this gallery were made with as many as 24 different images. Check them out.
Oak Creek Panorama  OriginalBoise Mntn Pano 4 Crop Low ResHawaii Sunset Panorama1Untitled_Panorama1 (1)Oahu 23Pali PanoRedfish Lake Panorama wsTRR Sunrise Panorama wsYellowstone Mountain Sunset Pan 15New Meadows PanBoise Mntn Pano 4 Full Low Res

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