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Composites are made up of several, or parts of several, images that have been blended into a single scene. Composites are different from Panoramas in that panoramas capture a large scene in several different exposures and try to present it as accurately as possible. Composites are Frankenstein's monsters. They use parts and pieces from several images to try to tell a story. Sometimes, a story that was never really true.
Yellow-winged Cacique Comp sky Clouds  wsMoonlight Special 4Cs1 21Ferruginous Hawk landing composite wsBerry Frustrated MASTERMagpie In Flight Composite wsWhat do you mean , this isn't our watering day wsBusy Day At LAX wsDSC_6977b850_0946sRufous-bellied Chachalaca take off 72 wsJim Shane.1.Splash LandingBrown Pelican Composite work  copy wsDSC_6324

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