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Created 25-Dec-21
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Canada Geese are very territorial during nesting season. I have had several adults challenge me when I ventured too close to a nest. But, one of the most unusual goose confrontations I have yet seen was an aerial chase. I was looking for wildlife "targets of opportunity" alongside the Boise River near my home. Where I was, the river runs between two steep walls of rock cut by years of erosion. I heard a commotion from above me and looked up to see one mating pair of geese chasing another pair. It seemed to be an unlikely location for geese to be hunting for a nesting site, but the chase was on. In this series of images you see the start of the chase near the edge of the rock cliffs, and then follow the progress as it continues in the sky over the river. The chasing goose was determined to make it's point. In the last three images I started with the scene as I saw it through the lens, and then added a close-up inset so you can more clearly see the action.
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