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When I first set out to capture wildlife images I was looking for crystal clear portraits, dramatic outdoor poses and moving family interaction shots. You will find lots of those types of images throughout this website. During those early years I would edit out the weird or unusual images and throw them away. If I had something I felt was special I would enter it in a photo contest, but they almost always got passed over by the judges so I would throw them away as well. Now I wish I hadn't thrown them away. I feel most viewers like to see photos of things they have never had a chance to see for themselves. This Group of Galleries is dedicated to those "WILD or Unusual" images most people have never seen before. Often the "WILD or Unusual" galleries need several images and a written explanation to tell the story. That's what you will find here. I hope you find something new, and fun, to look at.

Goose Fight #1

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Created 24-Apr-23
Modified 24-Apr-23
Goose Fight #1

The Moment

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Created 25-Feb-24
Modified 25-Feb-24
The Moment