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Created 25-Dec-17
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You will quickly see that Winter is my favorite time of year in Yellowstone. There are more snowy and steamy photos here than green grass and flowers. One reason is that I like the feeling of being almost alone in this beautiful environment .... and that is definitely not Yellowstone in the Summer. In addition to images inside Yellowstone National Park I have included some photos taken in the areas surrounding the park. The beauty and uniqueness of Yellowstone doesn't end at the boundaries of the park.
DSC_1534DSC_0489DSC_8220DSC_7704DSC_2514DSC_7727DSC_8147Walkway To Hell02-52Woodland RulerGeyser Show Ignored +52DSC_1410DSC_0085DSC_9661DSC_0974DSC_7687Madison Crossing Master copy rev.850_4382

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