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Created 16-Feb-21
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I had never taken a photo of a wild bird or animal, beyond a travel snapshot, in my life before 2010. For many years prior to my retirement in 2008 all my serious photography had been of cars and auto racing. In retirement I had planned to continue in that field and create a large format "coffee table" book based on an story I wrote for Car & Driver magazine in June of 2003 titled "I See Dead Cars". The "Dead Cars" storywas about great cars that were owned by people who intended to renovate them, but so far hadn't. And the cars were in automotive pergatory.
Jim Shane and a Canada Jay wsFrozen Bison Herd wsJS and Sweet 16 Badger Creek wsHome before sunset wsSpring Bull ElkBadger Point Jeep wsSCAN_20230814_164546398SCAN_20230814_154627642_001Jim Walking in Steam wsSCAN_20230816_111610614SCAN_20230816_111842056_001SCAN_20230816_111842056Me and Big Horn  wsDead Bison wsYellowstone BisonSCAN_20230814_154627642SCAN_20230814_164725853_001Grand Prismatic wsSCAN_20231027_093010271

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