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Created 4-Jan-13
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Idaho is home to several world class white water rivers. During the spring thaw these rivers become raging torrents of frigid water. I have stood on the rocks alongside these rivers and marvelled at the raw, and obviously unforgiving power. Naturally, there is a group of crazy people who think it is fun to hop into little boats or rafts and try to paddle down these wild rivers without being killed. I'm not sure I understand what it takes to be this kind of crazy but it is spectacular to watch.

I have tried to capture some of the drama of whitewater with the images in this gallery. There are impressive individual images but to really get the feel of whitewater you need the context of a seies of photos. I suggest that you view this gallery as a "Slideshow". There are many multi-image sequences attempting to display the paddlers' anticipation and resolve prior to impact. A hint: pay attention to the colors of the kayak, the helmet and the tips of the paddles for continuityu from image to image. I have many images from these series where the paddler has totally disappeared from view. Like I said, Crazy!!

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