Over the years that I have had this web site I have had the good fortune to have received a variety of awards for images entered in exhibitions, contests and competitions.  Most of those events were exclusively for Wildlife images, and you can see the awards won in those events eslewhere in this Group. But, occassionally I would enter an image into one of the non-critter categories and get an award. This page contains the award winning photos without critters.

One of the true adrenaline sports that is very popular in Idaho is white water rafting and kayaking. I went to the Class V rapids on the North Fork of the Payette River for the 2013 "North Fork Challenge". This event brings world class kayakers to Idaho for a 3 day event. I don't know how this paddler finished the event but his "Flying Kayak" has won awards as a color image, an "altered reality" image and, below, as a monochrome. This version of the image was titled "Champagne Cruise" for use in the Creative category and it tied for high score in the Summer 2013 QEID competition of the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs and won an Award of Merit. This original "Flying Kayak" version got an Honorable Mention in the Idaho Statesman 2013 Outdoor Idaho Photo Contest as well as First Place in the "Sports and Action" category at the 2014 Western Idaho Fair.

Flying Kayak 4cFlying Kayak 4c

  The "Flying Kayak" Monochrome won an Award of Merit from the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs in the Fall 2021 competition.

Fire WatchFire Watch

Over the years I have lived in Idaho I have volunteered my services to the city of Meridian Fire Department during training burns. They actually burn down a house. The photos I donate to the MFD have been used in magazine articles as well as city documents and reports. This image,"Fire Watch" earned an Honorable Mention from the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs Spring 2021 QEID

Moonlight Special 4Cs1 21Moonlight Special 4Cs1 21

This is one of my first experiments with a technique known as "Reduction Art". It is a composite of two images with changes to content density. I hope to add more examples soon. The "Moonlight Special" got an "Award of Merit" in the Creative category of the Winter 2021 Columbia Council of Camera Clubs QEID competition. In the Year End Overall Awards the "Moonlight Special" was re-judged against all the other award winning images in the Creative category and earned Second Place.

While searching for Sandhill Cranes near Roswell, Idaho I saw a lot of smoke rising nearby. This area is rural farm country so firefighting is done by a volunteer fire department. I followed the smoke and got this image of "The Volunteer" which won First Place in the 2016 Boise Camera Cub End Of Year Sports and Action category and received an Award of Merit from the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs Spring 2016 Monochrome competition. It also earned a First Place award in the Professional "Pictorial" category as well as the "Paul Pulley's Idaho Arts Vision Award" at the 2016 Western Idaho Fair.

During a trip to Sedona I took a side trip to the Jerome Ghost Town. In a remote corner of the area was a private collection of old ghost towny stuff. It was owned and operated by a colorful old character who was a pleasure to talk to and photograph. This image of "DON" got an Award Of Merit from the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs Winter 2015 individual electronic image competition as well as an Honorable Mention at the 2015 Boise Camera Club Annual Awards competition, Portrait Category. This image also received a "Best of Show Surprise Award" as well as a Second Place in Monochrome Portraits at the 2015 Western Idaho Fair. Sadly, Don passed shortly after that visit and I never got to speak to him again.

Each year Idaho conducts a ceremony to recognize peace officers killed in the line of duty at The Peace Officer's Memorial. In 2011 I volunteered to fill in for a friend from The Boise Camera Club who normally shoots the event for the Idaho State Police. "Remembrance Rose" is one of the images from that day and it won "Second Place - Protectors of America" at the 2011 Western Idaho Fair.


In 2017 the Union Pacific railroad sent retired engine 844 on a PR tour. Engine 844 was the last steam engine purchased by Union Pacific, and the most powerful. A friend and I set out to capture images of  844 as it moved along it's route. We had to find a location, wait for the train to come by, get our shots and then jump in the car and try to get in front of the train to set up in another location. Believe me, 844 was fast! Here 844 was leaving the Nampa railyard headed for Boise. If you are a train lover you can see more images of 844 elsewhere on this site. This shot of the"Powerful Visitor" earned an Award of Merit in the monochrome class of the 2017 summer Columbia Council of Camera Clubs individual competition.

This is a rare phenomenon known as a "Fog Bow" (check it out on Google). It occurs when the sun passes through a fog bank at a specific angle, just like a rainbow. The "Fog Bow" got an Honorable Mention from "Outdoor Idaho" in the August 2015 "Iconic Idaho" photo contest.

Idaho winters often include a phenomena known as "hoarfrost".  That's when frozen water vapors freeze on vegetation during very cold, but clear weather. It can be beautiful. "Winter at Wilson Ponds" shows the effects of hoarfrost with frosted trees but no ice on the water and earned an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Outdoor Idaho photo contest.

My wife had taken pity on a feral, or abandoned, cat and was petting it while it sat on her lap. The cat looked uncomfortable, and then started giving birth to three kittens on our back patio. We named this one KC. KC's image won First Place in the Boise Camera Club End of Year monochrome competition for 2012 as well as 2012 Projected Image of the Year in the Monochrome Category. This image is in this section because KC is domesticated and not wildlife.


There is an international event known as the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. In 2013 there were  28,351 photographers out on the same evening for a period of about 6 hours. All images submitted had to be taken during those hours and they could not be composites of more than one image. I created this image in Photoshop from a shot I took of an ofice building next to where we parked. The winning image was from Cowloon, Hong Kong. My image did not get recognized in the Kelby event, but the Photographic Society of America gave "Flare" an Award of Merit for January, 2014

This shot could have been better. These trees are actually about 15 feet tall, but you can't tell from this photo. It was a bitterly cold day after a heavy snowstorm in Yellowstone NP., and I was loving being out there on a snowmobile. When trees get covered with heavy snow like this they are refered to as "Ghost Trees". I should have tried to find something in the area to include to provide perspective. Yep, could have been better. And, I somehow deleted the copy that originlly went with this photo so now I have no idea what award it won. It  was named "Sun Seekers" and I THINK it won the Panorama class at the Western Idaho Fair, but I have no proof. Yep, could have been better.



This shot was taken at an outdoor car show on a cloudy day. Not much more to say except that "Amber Lady" got a Second Place award in the "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" category at the 2014 Western Idaho Fair.


I mentioned the volunteer work I do for the Meridian Fire department under a photo, above, on this page. Firemen are always honing their skills and love to burn down abanoned houses for practice. This shot  of"Wilkosz", and other firemen, earned an Honorable Mention in the Summer 2018 Columbia Council of Camera Clubs Quarterly competition.


If you ever get a chance to see top tier kayakers in Class 5 rapids, do it. These guys literally disappear under the water. Or, fly out over it.  In competition they must navigate a marked course. Not only downstream in this turbulence, but also paddle back upstream in sections. This guy was "Up the Creek With Only a Paddle" and the photo illustrates how epic the Idaho rivers can be in Spring. The image got a Third Place in the Action category of the Professional Division of the 2017 W Idaho Fair.

My wife's kitchen is an artistic chicken coop. She has rooster art everywhere. When four of her favorite wall hangings faded with age she wanted new art to replace them. So when I saw a bunch of exotic species of roosters in an Arizona ghost town I got images for her approval. She picked four and I took them into Photoshop to create art. There is a program that gives regular images a look like the work of an old master. "Monet Chicken" is one of the results and it received an Award of Merit from the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs Creative Division in Summer of 2015.


 In 2017 the Union Pacific railroad sent retired engine 844 from Cheyenne to Boise for a celebration to honor the 82nd birthday of the Boise depot. Engine 844 was the last steam engine purchased by Union Pacific, and the most powerful. A friend and I set out to capture images of  844 as it moved along it's route. We had to find a location, wait for the train to come by, get our shots and then jump in the car and try to get in front of the train to set up in another location. Believe me, 844 was fast! Here I caught 844 sitting still on a foggy morning at the Boise station before it started it's trip back to the Cheyenne yard.  This "King Of The Past" got an Award of Merit from the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs in Spring of 2017.

My wife and I lived in Sonoma California for many years before moving to Idaho. Every year we went to the fire department's Fourth of July fireworks show. It was great because the show was held in a large, open field and spectators could find a spot quite close to the launch pad. If there was a light breeze you could end up right below where the firewoks exploded. You could feel the pressure of the explosions when it did. One year I picked a spot a bit further out in the field so I could get the entire scene in the photos. "Small Town 4th of July" was the result and it earned "First Place" in the Pictorial Division of the Boise Camera Club 2011 Year End Awards.

In contrast to the pro kayaker in Class 5 rapids shown in a photo on this page, here is a scene from a rafting trip for amateur thrillseekers.This is image number 7 in an 18 shot sequence of a whitewater rafter going overboard in some rapids on the Salmon River in Idaho. I especially like the left front paddler checking her (his?) smartphone image while the guy in the water tries to keep from drowning. I can tell you he did eventually get back in the raft further downstream, but I'm not sure about the shades. I have no record of what I named the photo when I entered it, but I know it did get an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Idaho Statesman Outdoor Photo Contest.

On May 15, 2012 photographers in over 160 countries participated in a 24 hour coordinated photographic event created by Stockholm based non-profit group "Expressions of Humankind". Over 100,000 photos of daily life around the world were submitted by amateur and professional photographers (each photographer was limited to a maximum of 10 images taken that day). One of my photos was selected for the organizations preview page at (not there anymore) and was the only U.S. photo used in a two page spread by "The Independent", an English national newspaper. I have no idea where else it may have been used for as I never got the promised copy of the book.