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Created 11-Jun-12
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This was once the smallest gallery on my web site! But, it turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. I have learned a variety of new photographic tricks and now more of my images have earned awards. All of the award winning images are gathered here for simple viewing, but, if you would like to see what awards each photo won (some images won multiple awards) and a little back story on the image, please use one of these two links: Award Winning Wildlife Images With Titles or Award Winning Images, Non-Wildlife With Titles
Baby Falcon850_9443Unbridled Joy 4cMing 4CsSneak a PeekFire WatchEarly WarningMoonlight Special 4Cs1 21Marital Bliss PID BLooking For Food-52Flying Kayak 4cSweet 16 PortraitJim Shane.Madison Crossing.NLunch Date 52finalHand of ManElk Morning Commute 52 +Vivezab full size

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